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Los Helechos
What couples do

A film by Antolín Prieto. Peru | 2018 | dramedy | 87 min.

Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Toshiro and Helena, married with two daughters; and Felipe and Iris, enjoying life freely in their early 30s. They all stay at a country estate run by Sol and Miguel, lovers and hippies at heart. The weekend begins with laughter and camaraderie. Three couples. A weekend escape. Nothing to do but to chill out and relax. What can go wrong?


The first Peruvian film shot entirely based on Improv acting technique.

A relatively unusual feature among Latin American films, LOS HELECHOS has a noteworthy soundtrack that highlights Peruvian artists & groups such as Kanaku y el Tigre, Juan Gris, Pentapolar Birds, and Natasha Luna

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