Antes que llegue el ferry
Before the ferry arrives

A film by Juan Caunedo, Vladimir García & Raúl Escobar. Cuba-Spain | 2018 | docu fiction animation hybrid | 84 min.

Audio: Spanish
Subtitles: English


 An explosive mix of fiction, documentary, and animation. A collage of stories in the context of a Cuba that is increasingly opening up to the capitalist world composes a portrait of Havana in a dystopia whirlwind of heat, ruins, and reggaeton. Stories that would be unfeasible in any other place or time, but which are our daily bread in ABSURDISTAN, a.k.a. The Surrealist Republic of Cuba.

The title refers both to discontinuous continuity as much as the sense of expectation and anxiety that took over Cubans when back in 2015 it was announced that after 50+ years, ferry service would resume between the U.S. and Cuba.

Up-to-date, the first ferry is yet to arrive.

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